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Aphex Twin - Melodies From Mars album flac

  • Performer: Aphex Twin
  • Album: Melodies From Mars
  • FLAC: 1727 mb | MP3: 1691 mb
  • Released: 1995
  • Country: UK
  • Style: IDM
  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Votes: 775
Aphex Twin - Melodies From Mars album flac


1 Untitled 3:19
2 Fingerbib (Demo Version) 4:16
3 Untitled 2:20
4 Untitled 4:14
5 Untitled 5:14
6 Untitled 3:52
7 Untitled 4:03
8 Logan Rock Witch (Demo Version) 4:21
9 Untitled 4:33
10 Untitled 5:12
11 Untitled 2:55
12 Untitled 1:30


This is an unreleased Aphex Twin album that was given to friends at Rephlex and Warp Records.

Other versions

Category Artist Title (Format) Label Category Country Year
CAT 087 LP Aphex Twin Melodies From Mars ‎(LP, TP, W/Lbl) Rephlex CAT 087 LP UK 1999
none Aphex Twin Melodies From Mars (Unreleased) ‎(CDr, Ltd, RP, Unofficial) Unreal Records Canada Inc. none Russia Unknown
none Aphex Twin Mellotron From Uranus ‎(Cass, Unofficial) Not On Label none US Unknown
none Aphex Twin Melodies From Mars (Unreleased) ‎(CDr, Ltd, Unofficial) Unreal Records Canada Inc. none Russia Unknown

This is an unreleased Aphex Twin album that was given to friends at Rephlex and Warp Records Not on label, Aphex Twin self-released album.

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Request an album send to friend. Melodies From Mars (1995). Aphex Twin - Melodies From Mars.

Melodies From Mars was a mid-90s demo Richard made to hand out to video game makers in the hopes of getting work scoring videogames. I think GTA San Andreas was the first game to feature his music (an edit of Windowlicker with the heavy part at the end removed) but I don't think he's ever gotten to be the only musician on a game.Mp3's of the demo were released on one of the top 3 Aphex Twin fan websites on Jan 1st 2000 as a "new years present" from the site owner but was taken down after a cease and desist from either rephlex or warp. I assumed at the time that it was the first widespread leak of the album but I could be wrong about that. Certainly it wasn't included in the "everything by Aphex Twin" leak I found in 1996, and that one was so comprehensive it even had Analogue Bubblebath 5 (despite some noobies thinking the 2005 leak was the first leak of AB5).Note that the 1995 date attributed to the earliest test print would explain why early mixes of Fingerbib and Logan Rock Witch are on there. The album the finished versions of those songs are from (Richard D James Album) was a 1996 release.Also note that there are 2 versions of the album, one with 11 tracks, another with 12 tracks and a different track order. The one leaked on Jan 1st 2000 was the 11 track version. In addition Richard has said he still wants to release the album but has been adding to it since then, so if he does release it then it will be a 3rd version. Hopefully he will restore track 11's position as the closing track.
My uncle has one of these. It is rare, right?
Did he find it at the local tip/dump? Like everybody else who has something rare and tells you about it on the internet...
Have any proof? Im sure this is just a joke, but if you are serious proof would be nice.
Okay, all you folks don't have a legit copy of this. there aren't that many around hahahaha
Good point Chemistricide, I'd like to know where these titles came from as well, I assumed the cassettes given to friends were untitled??????
Where were the track names found? I thought they were all untitled.
The two tracks with names both appear on the Richard D James album
adventure time
http://pitchfork.com/news/56459-aphex-twin-speaks-on-his-new-album-being-sampled-by-kanye-more/It's been confirmed that Aphex is responsible for this. So.. yea.
And there is a white label. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/291171368296
15 grand?!?!?! JESUS
Best Aphex Twin album in my opinion.
I like it
Wow. I don't get it. I thought this album was bland and sucky for RDJ, but it grows on you. Especially getting into the later tracks. I think RDJ might not have released this in the fear that people were going to hate it. Logan Rock Witch was the best track and untitled (track 11) came fairly close. I give it 3.9 outta 5.
Just read the messages below Voodeedoo
Silly Dog
I find this album very happy, at least being compared to his other early works. I would think that this could possibly be one of his notable albums, if it were released around the 90s during the same time period when the songs from Classics and SAW were made. This is a very groovy, mellow album, complete with unforgettable melodies, groovy synths, and makes me wonder why this wasn't released. This also makes me wonder how much more music AFX keeps to himself, as these songs have a large impact on me and everyone they've touched. tl; dr: This album is fantastic and visualizes his early works before his sound matured, yet somehow you can still tell it's by him. I give this a 4 out of 5 [four because it ended], and that this is a good place to start when looking into him.
I wouldn't consider this an 'early work' at all. In fact, Aphex had been making tunes at least 10 years when this came out, and had been releasing stuff since 1991..
Not sure this actually comes under the 'Aphex Twin' monika. I think both artiste and title are 'Melodies From Mars'. And I didn't realise until today that there are 12 tracks. I've been missing the last track for goodness-knows how long!
I personally think this was a real waste of time in respect of both the the producer and the listener. This really sounds like some of the crappy stuff you really would imagine piling up at Richard's home. Doesn't really have much listening value, but it works as an somewhat interesting companion to the Richard D. James Album. You'd also probably like this if you were into stuff like Mike & Rich, but those who aren't hardcore Aphex Twin fans must avoid this.
Its really difficult when it comes to commenting on unreleased music. The only way you can get it is in mp3 format, which were probably ripped by the very few owners of the original recordings. So the quality of basically every mp3 you'll find on the internet will be based on how well they encoded that one time. This may be the case with Melodies from Mars. For me most of the tracks sounded really quiet. I had to increase my volume to the max to clearly hear the tunes. Although I found some of the tracks rather enjoyable, I still wonder how well they sounded in their original format. Perhaps they were better, perhaps not. Maybe they had a clearer sound and more bass. There are many things we can't be sure of. So what do I think about whether it should be released or not? I'd say "another aphex twin release? ok!" But that's because I'm a fan. But seriously, I'm sure most of these tracks could be very good if they were remade. It appears that 3 of them were already remade and released on Richard D. James Album, and they sound fine. I suppose when RDJ made this album, he just wasn't at his peak or inspiration for it. Its sort of like when you start something, get most of it done, and simply lose interest. You kind of just toss it in the shed, or on a shelf and want to forget about it. This is all just speculation.
Some speculation surrounds Melodies From Mars, friendos Richard James were given cassette tapes. Rumour also has it that Melodies From Mars was intended for videogames usage and demos were apparently sent out to certain computer games companies. Track 1 is used in internet star David Firth's 'Panathinaikos Bear' cartoon as background music. David Firth has also used various other tracks by Aphex in his other animations and films. Track 2 sounds like a longer demo version of 'Fingerbib' (track 4 on Richard D. James album). Track 8 sounds like a demo version of 'Logon Rock Witch' (track 10 on Richard D. James album). Track 9 is used in the David Firth clay animation 'Hollowhead'. Track 12 features the same plucked strings as 'Girl/Boy Song' (track 9 on Richard D. James album) although it doesn't closely resemble the same track. 'Bloodhounds Inc. - Mystery of the Melodies from Mars' is also the title of a children's book by author Bill Myers. Inspiration perhaps? The question is, how do we really know if this is Richard's work anyway? The mystery continues...
I really don't see why this album wasn't released, I found many of the tracks to be pretty good, an awesome synthy masterpiece. You can really see this leading up to Richard D James album. Also, compare this album to some of his other unreleased works (AB5 comes to mind), this is much better and I can see why AB5 was not released. If you can grab all the mp3s then check it out, another piece of the puzzle that is RDJ falls into place. Highlight tracks - 2,4,6,8,10,11 (also beware wrongly numbered mp3s)
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