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Pascal's Army - A Leader Of Men album flac

  • Performer: Pascal's Army
  • Album: A Leader Of Men
  • FLAC: 1946 mb | MP3: 1944 mb
  • Released: 1988
  • Style: Punk
  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Votes: 487
Pascal's Army - A Leader Of Men album flac


A1 Descendants Of Cain
A2 Open Wound
A3 Inc, Me
A4 What Was Ya Thinking
A5 Sad How They Smelled
A6 Blue Light
B1 The Oatmeal Song
B2 Game Of Life
B3 Anorexia
B4 Vietnam
B5 What Have They Done
B6 Vanna White
B7 Henry Is God
B8 Shit Talker
B9 El Presidente
B10 Berlin
B11 I Hate My TV


Demo tape released by Newark Delaware punk band Pascal's Army in 1988.

This a tutorial on leader of men i figured why not teach some of the songs i learn! in the future you can post lesson requests and i might learn them.

Предложено пользователем WMG. Nickelback - Leader Of Men (Video). Leader of Men. Исполнитель.

Leader of Men (оригинал Nickelback). Предводитель человечества (перевод Ineya). Tell your friends not to think aloud. Скажи своим друзьям, чтобы не думали вслух, Until they swallow. Your voice sounds so hollow. Твой голос звучит так глухо. I am not a leader of men. Я не предводитель человечества, Since I prefer to follow. Потому что предпочитаю подчиняться. Do you think I could have a drink. Как думаешь, можно мне выпить что-нибудь, Since it's so hard to swallow?

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1. Leader of Men Lyrics. Tell your friends not to think aloud Until they swallow Whisper things into my brain Your voice sounds so hollow I am not a leader of men Since I prefer to follow Do you think I could have a drink Since it's so hard to swallow? So hard to swallow. So turn the television off And I will sing a song And if you suddenly have the urge You can sing along. I touch your hand, I touch your face I think the fruit is rotten Give me lessons on how to breathe Because I think I've forgotten I think I've forgotten

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