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Skinny Puppy - The Process album flac

  • Performer: Skinny Puppy
  • Album: The Process
  • FLAC: 1995 mb | MP3: 1893 mb
  • Released: 1995
  • Country: US
  • Style: Industrial, Experimental
  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Votes: 961
Skinny Puppy - The Process album flac


Jahya 3:34
Death 3:56
Candle 4:58
Hardset Head 4:06
Cult 3:03
Process 5:02
Curcible 3:28
Blue Serge 5:13
Morter 4:39
Amnesia 4:20
Cellar Heat 0:50


Category Artist Title (Format) Label Category Country Year
9 43057-2, sub 006 Skinny Puppy The Process ‎(CD, Album) American Recordings, Sub-Conscious Communications 9 43057-2, sub 006 US 1996
2-43057-A Skinny Puppy The Process ‎(CD, Album, Promo) American Recordings 2-43057-A US 1995
none Skinny Puppy The Process ‎(Cass, Album, Promo) American Recordings none US 1995
CK 65930 Skinny Puppy The Process ‎(CD, Album) American Recordings CK 65930 US 1996
74321 31097 2 Skinny Puppy The Process ‎(CD, Album) American Recordings 74321 31097 2 UK 1996
74321 31097 2 Skinny Puppy The Process ‎(CD, Album) American Recordings 74321 31097 2 Europe 1996
9 43057-2 Skinny Puppy The Process ‎(CD, Album) American Recordings 9 43057-2 US 1996
CDW 43057 Skinny Puppy The Process ‎(CD, Album) American Recordings CDW 43057 Canada 1996
9 43057-2 Skinny Puppy The Process ‎(CD, Album, Club) American Recordings 9 43057-2 US 1996
W2 43057, sub 006 Skinny Puppy The Process ‎(CD, Album, Club, Col) American Recordings, Sub-Conscious Communications W2 43057, sub 006 Canada 1996
JPCD 9609310 Skinny Puppy The Process ‎(CD, Album, Unofficial) ООО "ДОРА" JPCD 9609310 Russia 1996
24 30574 Skinny Puppy The Process ‎(Cass, Album) American Recordings 24 30574 Canada 1996
0936 2-43057-4 Skinny Puppy The Process ‎(Cass, Album) American Recordings 0936 2-43057-4 US 1996
9 43057-4 Skinny Puppy The Process ‎(Cass, Album) American Recordings 9 43057-4 US 1996
74321 31097 2 Skinny Puppy The Process ‎(Cass, Album, Promo) RCA, BMG Ariola Hamburg GmbH 74321 31097 2 Germany 1996
ALR 166 Skinny Puppy The Process ‎(Cass, Album, Unofficial) Always Records ALR 166 Russia 1996

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Released through American Recordings on February 27, 1996, The Process was the band's final album before reforming in 2000 and releasing The Greater Wrong of the Right in 2004. Skinny Puppy's keyboardist, Dwayne Goettel, died near the end of The Process's creation, and the album was fraught with difficult production and record label intrusion.

Rabies is the fifth studio album by Skinny Puppy. It was released on November 21, 1989 through Nettwerk. The album spawned two singles, "Tin Omen" and "Worlock", the latter of which becoming one of the band's most recognizable songs. The cover art was made by longtime Skinny Puppy collaborator Steven R. Gilmore

With all the turmoil surrounding the various recording sessions, it's little wonder that the end result is a muddled affair

It was the last album the band released before splitting up due to the unfortunate death of the band’s keyboardist, Dwayne Goettel. However, the band would later reform in 2000 as a duo and release their next studio album The Greater Wrong of the Right in 2004. The Process Q&A.

Punk-Rock The Process. Band Name The Process. Album Name Skinny Puppy. 版公司 American Recordings.

Its concept revolves around a cult from the 1960's called The Process Church Of The Final Judgment. Vocalist Nivek Ogre was introduced to the doctrine of The Process by Genesis P. Orridge and this theme runs throughout the album. Many problems arose during the recording of The Process, including the death of keyboardist Dwayne Goettel due to a heroin overdose and high tensions within the band. The music itself swings back and forth.

Fast Lovebird
How is it possible that this album was never released on vinyl?
Swift Summer
Because albums on vinyl started to become less popular around the late 90s/early 2000s
Because in 1996 very few people wanted vinyl. There's a lot of 90's albums that have never been on vinyl. This album also got a lot of shit for many years but it's aged really well.
I kinda came into SP around 1996, so I binged and kinda digested their whole catalog up until then at the same time. This didn't seem very radical to me, just the natural progression of a band's music. I remember being surprised when I found out about the extreme negative reaction to it in some corners. Anyway, it seems like the world's caught up to it and it's recognized as a pretty darn good album now.
Probably their Magnum Opus, "The Process" is easily one of Puppy's more debated albums among fans. The problem with this album is it's a pop sensible rock album from an anti-pop and in a sense anti-rock band. Tracks like "Candle" and "Cult" ride the line on being rock songs, while tracks like "Death", "Hardset Head", and "Curcible" ride the line on being straight up metal songs. This is easily the most mainstream accessible album they made in their original incarnation (several tracks were even used throughout the nineties on movies soundtracks, not artsy or counter-culture movies either, mainstream movies; ie. see Suburbia). At this point Puppy had pretty much left behind their new wavy synth lines and drum machine tracks years ago for a more metal influenced noisy and heavy sound. The issue people have is that this album took a swift turn at Last rights, and went sharply left towards rock/pop. From a music lover's perspective in general this album is a masterpiece, flowing seamlessly from beginning to end (If you play it on repeat, the first and last track actually loop into each other). There is little to no filler, from a band that though i love, has a substantial track record of making overly indulgent abstract noise tracks for the album's sake more than listening pleasure (listen to "fritter, Stella's home" from VIVsectVI to get a perfect example of this). The Process is good, maybe too good? At least too slick in a sense anyways for Puppy fans to handle. The reality is though, that SP were a constantly evolving band in their original incarnation, they never kept one sound for longer than an album or two, and after "Last Rights", this was a pretty rational direction for them to take; they had delved about as far into the Last Rights and Too Dark Park sound as they could without being redundant, or standing still, and going more nosy would have probably just led them back to the VIVIsectVI sound. Looking at all the album's together this album is a natural progression, though many fans would likely ague that. From the band's perspective this album was practically cursed; it more or less broke up the band, and shortly after it's inception one of the members died. and supposedly the sessions were plagued with issues among band members, and issues with drugs as well. There was never even a tour or anything to promote "The Process", and the studio sessions were so problematic and costly that Def-American actually dropped their other planned 2 next albums with SP because of it. So from everything listed it's easy to understand why this album gets so much abuse. In the end, "The Process" is a really good, little to no filler, well produced album (that DESPERATELY needs a vinyl reissue), and if nothing else, it makes an excellent gateway into the SP catalog.
Abandoned Electrical
where is the cat no on this release,has no barcode or number anywhere??
"The Process is trying to link people into accepting the total sum of the parts that have, throughout time, polarized people. Through the acceptance of no one particular dogma, one begins to see the parts of all beliefs from which he/her can construct their own path or reality."– Nivek Ogrefrom this interview: http://www.waste.org/~skumm/Q&A.htm Question 4.
good album from a great band. but lets not forget the title track. the process:"process: alternative - mass control.diversification and guilt. jealousy. prejudice the courage to be themselves...often hated.aims to make individual freedom. spiritual bounds. mental shackles. to heal the wound of separation.to question the unquestioning of the mindoffers an alternative to mass controlthe center of the information warprogressedwe have progressedphysically as far as we can go... next stage mental.the process is you. justification decentralized by conditioned guilt.fear responsesrealize..for individuals who wish to acquire. the processsigil to the willgive the mind before which is a function of the self to reactthe act of focusing releases a tremendous energyWHICH NEED NOT PROCESSas the concourse lowers positive flow of energyprocess..processso be itthe processso be itbody..like mindedness..ageless souls..striving for individual matters...toward collective goals. a guiltless state of self awareness. the process is you. THE PROCESS IS YOURS"thats what this album is all aboutthe process is YOURS
This album is an embarassment to both the band and fans. Skinny Puppy should have called it quits after Last Rights! That would have saved thier image and left a legacy behind them. It was a huge mistake for them to get back together after Last Rights. Everything after that is garbage! Ballads?? Guitars?? Sounds like a fucking metal band. :( Worst let down ever.. As far as I'm concerned, they ended in 92.
I dislike the most reviews...after several months of listening this, this gave me an insatisfaction and depressing sensation. Maybe is not musicaly crushing and impacting like others albums, but it's simple, sounds good and this have an real intention from the members. I like every Skinny Puppy album because every album has it originally sound (not like NIN) and one day this crushed my heart. Don't listen it once...search deeper ;).
Like dj_medusa, I hated this album back when it came out and while my tastes have grown tremendously since then, it still makes me cringe whenever I hear it. I can find tracks that I like, but even those only make the grade in light of how awful the rest of it is. Whatever factors played into the creation of this album, a new approach is not synonymous with quality, nor is it an excuse for putting out garbage.
It's not one of my favorites and I hated it when it originally was released. Part of that probably stemming from being young and thinking that my favorite band had sold out to what was then a major label. I've recently started to give the album a second chance, so I'm still digesting it today. Now with a more mature ear and outlook on music, I can find tracks that I like. It's still not a good solid Puppy album in my book, though. It sounds like too much rock was starting to bleed into their sound at that stage of their career. Signs of what was to come with the reunion of Key and Ogilvie in 2004? But then again, I'm the rare fan that's not too thrilled with The Greater Wrong of the Right either. Call me picky.
I believe that Blue Serge, Morter, and Amnesia are the best tracks. On first listen, Candle is captivating, but it seems to me too much like a Moby outing, where the grunge rock itch sets in and the artist straps on a guitar, trying to relive Jimi Hendrix or Ozzy Ozbourne. I used to like The Process, but through repeated listening, it gets old. Jahya is of the same nature.
I was hoping this would be Skinny Puppy's last album, but alas, I was wrong. This album was great though and when it was released I was exstatic. The opening track "Jahya" is an excellent instrumental with an uber heavy guitar riff. "Death", "Hardset Head", and "Blue Serge" totally rock and kill on the dance floors. I think "Candle" is the strongest track on the album and was suppose to be released as a single. The different styles of guitar gave SP a new approach, and it worked for them on this album. "Process" and "Morter" are the 2 tracks I find to be fairly weak, even though I'm a fan of Philth. "Cult" is a lovely track with its soft melodies and smooth lyrics. (Can't believe I wrote that for a SP track, but it is good). The closing track "Cellar Heat" is part 3 of a series they had done with tracks "Haunted" and "Melt", both were found only on compilations. If this had been their last album as a band I would have been happy, but not everyone gets their wish.
The Process is the most disliked and most underrated album out of the entire Skinny Puppy discography. Lots of conflict and controversy surround the recording and release of this record. The album, shrouded in mystery, serves as a nice post-script to what was then thought of as the end of one of the greatest bands in the history of electronic music.
i disagree. i think this album is brilliant and deserves several years of listening to fully grasp the anger, frustration and despair that went into this recording. these guys didn't want to do this album and didn't want to release it. and it shows - these tracks surge from high intensity audio barrages to sentimental and soft, never letting go of your ears or your brain. hardset head, blue serge, cult and candle are all amazing pieces of work that defy any genre specification - a trademark of the puppy boys. a very sad yet powerful listening experience.
This album is what happens when a band takes allot of money from a big shitty Label and is forced to put out complete garbage. If you have never heard puppy>>. Stop at "Last Rights".
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